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As you likely know Google, Mozilla, and Adobe have jointly killed Flash support in very sneaky ways. They enabled a “time bomb” in Flash and browsers versions over the past year and now after 2021 there really is no way to enable Flash content with the latest versions of these browsers.

Many of our MSPs partners have expressed challenges managing legacy systems that rely on Flash technology. This includes core infrastructure software like VMware vSphere, Horizon View and many server vendors out of band management like Cisco.

I’ve spent a few hours crafting a portable Firefox based browser and paired it with a functional Flash plugin without any time bombs or known restrictions. My thoughts are if you are going to need flash you are responsible enough to not compromise your primary browser as that would be all sorts of bad. This way you can take a copy with you and use only when needed.

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Steven Panovski

Not a Russian Hacker

Your probably thinking, who is this guy. He is properly a Russian hacker trying to spread malware by offering me a quick fix to this challenging Flash problem. Well you are actually wrong. I am a business owner and fellow I.T. professional that spends my day providing awesome private cloud solutions to MSP partners and enterprise clients. If you are an MSP and looking for a profitable path to the cloud please reach out to us at

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