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Cloud Connect v11 readiness

Veeam backup software is generally updated twice yearly. In order to maintain security and reliability of your cloud backup strategy, UBX Cloud and Veeam require that no client connecting to our Veeam service provider infrastructure be older than two versions behind.

With the upcoming release of Veeam V11 in March 2021, we are requiring our clients to be at a minimum of Version If you are currently leveraging UBX for a complete Veeam-powered solution, your on-premise licensing and upgrades are 100% included. You can simply open a ticket with our Helpdesk, and we can schedule your upgrade to V11.  helpdesk@ubxcloud.com

If you are currently self-managing your own licensing, it is recommended that you upgrade to our full-service offering. In many cases, the cost is very minimal. Please contact sales at hello@ubxcloud.com for further information.

Additionally, here are some helpful ISOs that will get you to the latest version. Please select the one most appropriate for your licensing level.