Deleting Veeam cloud connect restore points

Published on: 1 December 2020 | Posted by: ubxwpadmin

There are many situations where you need the ability to delete or prune restore points would be beneficial. Especially if you want to reduce the amount of off-site storage you are consuming.

Here are the steps.

1. Launch Veeam Backup and Replication console
2. Select Home ==> Backup ==> Cloud
3. Expand the desired backup job
4. Select the restore point you wish to delete
5. Right click and select delete

At this point, the restore point will be deleted and the chain metadata will be updated.

Worried about a disgruntled employee or bad actor inside your network deleting all your restore points? If you are leveraging UBX for your Veeam offsite backups please ask your account manager to enable “Insider protection”. This feature allows client side deletions to be stored in our hidden service provider recycle bin for a predefined period. This allow for air gapped restores that essentially tucks away your data. After the period expires will the files be deleted.