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Data security is more important than ever before in the healthcare industry. How do you keep up with demanding changes in IT, ensure backups provide business continuity and do it all with technological expertise?

At UBX Cloud, we work hand-in-hand with you to identify holes in your current IT processes and then become your partner in securing your data and providing specialized disaster recovery.  Unlike other cloud providers that treat you simply as a number, we believe in a personalized approach to handling your IT.  This means unique access to the right IT Engineers from the get-go without having to go through elaborate call centers and wait times.

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Healthcare – UBX Cloud

Advantages & Benefits

Healthcare – UBX Cloud


We provide HIPAA and PCI Compliant IT environments for your data to ensure the very best service.

Healthcare – UBX Cloud

IT Expertise

Hiring, training, and ensuring your IT environment is carefully monitored 24/7 can be costly and time-consuming. Gain peace-of-mind with our IT Engineers that treat your data with expert care.

Healthcare – UBX Cloud

Cost Savings

IT personnel and the right technology servers is a huge investment for any healthcare company. Keeping your IT environment with UBX Cloud, along with our IT support, is a great savings expense without sacrificing quality.

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Healthcare – UBX Cloud

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