Data Center Migrations

UBX Cloud

Migrating to a more flexible and dynamic cloud based infrastructure can be a cost-effective, strategic choice to reduce complexity and increase the stability, effectiveness and efficiency of your IT service delivery. Whether you are migrating your entire IT operations or moving your line of business applications to UBX Cloud, our solution saves you time and money.

Your IT dollars won’t be spent on equipment and facility upgrades. UBX Cloud provides you with an agile and optimized foundation for future growth and a data center migration methodology that is seamless, secure and safe to minimize disruptions to your operations.

Client Study: Large Multi-State Construction Company

The Problem: “We needed more servers and we couldn’t expand, power wise, room wise, temperature wise—we just couldn’t go any further.”
Our Solution: UBX Cloud virtualized their physical servers using VMware and Citrix technologies under the UBX Cloud platform. Delivering better computing performance all while reducing overall utility and IT costs.

Does this scenario sound familiar? Let our engineers design a strategy to get your infrastructure virtualized and managed in our UBX Cloud platform. Contact us today!