Hosted Infrastructure

Hosted IT Infrastructure as a Service

With  our all cloud platform your organization can access your applications and data from anywhere at any time. UBX Cloud reduces system downtime, operating expenses, IT response times, hardware costs, server provisioning times and upgrade maintenance expenses.

Whether you are looking for a public, private, or hybrid solution, UBX Cloud ensures your needs are met securely and reliably. Trust us with your business applications and production servers.

Advantages & Benefits
  • Zero Capital Cost
  • High Performance
  • Built-in Backup
  • Maximum Security
  • High Availability
  • Improved Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Reduce Time on Routine Tasks
  • System Downtime Reduced

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) means the next time you need new hardware, if your applications will support the Cloud, we can offer you a very low cost monthly alternative to having to buy and house hardware at your location. Your Microsoft software can also be rented monthly instead of having a large capital expense. This is really exciting change in the industry and we are glad to be leveraging these advantages to our clients.

Cloud offers a lot of advantages but it is important to know the limitations. One size does not fit all. It is important to look at the applications and business processes you run and how they will work on the cloud. Another major concern is security and regulatory compliance. We use a formula and information request that help organizations make the decision to move to the cloud and to what extent.

Cloud Services might be the data protection plan that works best for your business if you desire the security and features of a full server, without the cost of owning the equipment. We have customers ranging from small 3-person shops to statewide agencies who are making the move to cloud.

Save money on infrastructure and Datacenter solutions by having UBX Cloud migrate or build your hosted environment in our datacenters. Host your line of business and save thousands on licensing with hosted Microsoft Exchange, Oracle and many others today!