Managed Private Cloud Services

With our all cloud platform your organization can access your applications and data from anywhere at any time. UBX Cloud reduces system downtime, operating expenses, IT response times, hardware costs, server provisioning times and upgrade maintenance expenses.

Managed Private Cloud Service Provider | UBX Cloud

We offer a completely Managed Private Cloud IaaS solution.

As you grow, our level of support and infrastructure can grow right along with you.

Your IT Partner

Managed Infrastructure-as-a-Service is something our engineers have been deploying for years.  Whether you’re looking for a private or hybrid cloud solution, our team at UBX is ready to help your business achieve its IT goals.  We provide the stability, control, and security that all companies desire of their IT infrastructure in a centralized way.

Combined with our personalized technical support, our Managed Private Cloud solution is a perfect fit for making complex IT challenges more simple, manageable, and affordable.

Our solution can meet the challenges of a wide variety of use cases:


Datacenter Migrations

Migrating to a more flexible and dynamic cloud-based infrastructure can be a cost-effective, strategic choice to reduce complexity and increase the stability, effectiveness and efficiency of your IT service delivery. Whether you are migrating your entire IT operations or moving your line of business applications to UBX Cloud, our solution saves you time and money.

Hosted Applications

Let UBX Cloud take over the day-to-day operations of running and maintaining your line of business applications, freeing your IT staff to manage your strategic initiatives that drive business growth.

Hosted Desktop

Experience a hosted virtual desktop accessible from any device with an internet connection that feels just like a physical machine. This is a subscription-based model and the workspace can be customized for your business, while you maintain complete control over security policies and directory permissions.

Hosted Infrastructure

Just need a managed cloud resource pool, or have a custom use case? No problem. UBX Cloud reduces system downtime, operating expenses, IT response times, hardware costs, server provisioning times and upgrades maintenance expenses versus in-house management.


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Advantages & Benefits

  • Technology Expertise
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Scalability
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Minimal upfront IT investment
  • Reduce Time on Routine Tasks
  • High Performance
  • Maximum Security
  • System Downtime Reduced
  • Built-in Backup

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