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3 Ways to Veeam

To celebrate the Veeam Cloud Connection virtual event on September 8, 2021, UBX Cloud is offering new partners a choice of three exciting new promotions to choose from.

Select from any of the offers below

5TB of Veeam Offsite Storage

5TB of Veeam offsite storage for free through January 1, 2022.

10 Veeam Backup Agents

10 Veeam backup agents with unlimited offsite storage through January 1, 2022.

$250 UBX Cloud Credit

$250 credit toward any UBX Cloud service with redemption by January 1, 2022.

Choose Your Offer

We just need a few pieces of info.


    UBX is a great partner to work with. Very accommodating and always very responsive. Their depth of knowledge in the data center and cloud environment is exceptional!

    Jeff MellohNet Express

    UBX by far is the company to do business with. They are true Partners and will take a look at what your needs are first and foremost. Led By one of the owners Steve and solid Rep Sora you cannot go wrong. Experts in their field. Technology with a kick!!!!

    Kevin BurksLB Office

    UBX is by far one of the best vendors I have worked with in my 24 years of owning an IT company. Their expertise, attention to detail and quick response no matter wat time of the day/night really have been invaluable to my business. If you are a MSP , IT consultant, IT Manager, Business Owner and looking for a true full service cloud partner, I would highly recommend UBX. You will not be disappointed!!

    Kevin AdelsonMobileIT

    They do it better, they do it faster, they do it at a scale we would need a decade to achieve. They do it cheaper than we can and they deliver to us dozens of other options I couldn’t afford to bring to my clients. So we moved. 6 months later are we happy we did? I still write the checks. Clients are still happy. We still make money and move our mission forward. If your thinking of a cloud partner then go UBX!

    Greg SweersActs360