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Managed CDN Services

Simple affordable, secure and scalable cloud solutions


    Managed CDN Services

    We never like to let our users wait. UBX strives to bring the data to the edge as quickly as possible. Our managed CDN service couples our experts, simple per TB model of consumption, and superior storage and network fabric at your service.

    UBX advantages

    A team of cloud experts here to do the heavy lifting

    Low latency with a global reach. Bring your S3 data and content closer to your clients.

    Simple flat rate billing that’s 50% less than big cloud

    Take your web content and get it to your users as fast as possible.

    Use your existing S3 storage buckets and push them to our POPs closest to your users.

    Complimentary when using UBX as your S3 object storage provider.

    Flat rate billing at a rate that 50% less than what "Big Cloud" offers.

    Leverage UBX and our extended partner CDN network transparently on one bill.

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    UBX has three engagement models for our Managed CDN Services

    White Label MSP Offering

    25% off

    If you are a IT/MSP or reseller and looking to incorporate a turnkey CDN platform we are your team.

    MSP get up to 25% discounts on all of our retail cloud services and UBX provides backend infrastructure, licensing, network, and expert support. You handle the end users and we will handle everything else. No unpredictable cloud bills and you can achieve higher margins with less headache.

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    Mid and Large Enterprise

    If you are an I.T. manager and looking to reduce your big cloud CDN bill and optimize content delivery. Let us perform a bill review and chart the best path forward for your data and your bottom line

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    Software, SaaS, or platform operator

    If you develop software and need to explore cost effective ways to distribute and secure your workloads globally lets connect. We can do this easily combining virtual private cloud, CDN, and other carrier services we offer.

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