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UBX Cloud and Veeam

How to setup Microsoft 365 teams backup w/Veeam V12

This guide will help you setup Microsoft 365 teams backup with Veeam V12.

Steven Panovski


Enable protected Microsoft APIs so that Veeam can access the encrypted data from Microsoft Teams.

  1. Open https://aka.ms/teamsgraph/requestaccess  url using any Web browser.


  1. Complete the required details requested by Microsoft. You will need to work with your M365 global administrator, IT service desk, or if you are a customer of UBX Cloud, we just do this all for you.

  2. Once access confirmation is established by Microsoft you can start leveraging this new feature for included in version 12 release and ensure your backups are complete along with important message history.


The steps in this article helped you setup Microsoft 365 teams backup with Veeam V12.

If you need any further technical support, Please reach out to hello@ubxcloud.com